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Willie Logan (purple shirt) with The SphereI’ve seen a lot of good musicians/artists in my time. Some of them just “tickle the ivories” for me and others really ring my bells! There is an artist that I’ve come across in Edinburgh that I’m very impressed with and that’s Willie Logan. He’s a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist and I LOVE his music. He has a great vocal range, very big repertoire of songs, is an excellent guitar player and singer and has a good sense of humour too 🙂 He’s a genius with looping and I thoroughly enjoy his gigs.

I first heard him doing a solo gig at The Village Pub, in Leith, in April this year. At that gig he did a lot of cover songs but what I really liked that evening was his looping. He played a few chords on his guitar, shook the egg for a few bars, then sang one or two lines of a song and added in the tambourine. Then having recorded all this, played it back. He carried on with the song, with the pre-recorded looping in the background and it all complemented each other perfectly. Very clever.

I’ve been to a few of his gigs now. Some of them were solo performances and others Willie Loganwere gigs where he played with a band. He’s been writing songs and performing since his teens and so has a huge repertoire of songs. He does a lot of cover songs in his solo gigs but he has also played songs which he wrote himself, which I really liked. His style is more rock/blues but it seems that he’s very flexible in his music. I love listening to him playing the guitar. He’s so adept and skilled at it. It’s like he was born with it!

He has his own website:

To get a sample of his music, have a look at this video of him and the Loganaires playing at The Village pub, in Edinburgh, at the end of June this year.