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This morning I woke up at 9.30am. I’d slept the whole night through, but that was down to the drink the night before! So I didn’t make it for breakfast. I went to the supermarket and bought food for brunch.

I called to Frank and Margaret’s room to see how they were feeling, as they’d been sick the night before. Frank was much better but Margaret was still a bit weak. I went downstairs and sat outside to have my brunch and Frank came down too. Dietmar asked his mother-in-law, (who also helps out in the business), if she could make Frank and Margaret some soup. She did, even though breakfast was well finished and the restaurant wasn’t open, which was very good of her. I don’t think that would happen too often anywhere else. Frank took the soup upstairs to Margaret. They are so good here, I’m really impressed by the level of service and kindness that they show to people.

I sat outside for a short while, in the sun. The weather was beautiful, about twenty degrees. I decided to take the walk around the lake. God, it was gorgeous. Part of the walk is through the wood and part of it is in open clearing. When you get half way around, there’s an open space at the back of the little island and the view is absolutely fantastic. It’s like paradise. To the left are the mountains and further on, is the castle on the hill but you’ve got right in front of you, the island with the idyllic little church on it and the pletna boats ferrying people back to Bled town. All of this and the clear blue sky is reflected in the water of the lake. It really is like a picture postcard. I stopped here for quite a while. I was enthralled by the beauty of the place, it was stunning. Normally it takes about an hour and twenty minutes to do the whole walk but with all the stops I made, taking in the view, it took me two hours. After that walk, I fell in love with the place.

On my way back, I stopped for a coffee and a brandy in the pub on the corner. It was cold in the shade and I was wearing a skirt. So it helped to warm the bones. After that, I sat on a bench by the lake and caught up on more of my journal. It was nearly 6.30pm and I stayed till about 7pm. It was twilight and absolutely beautiful at this time of the evening. The lights came on, on the castle, up on the cliff. The church on the island and St. Martin’s Church was lit up as well. The tips of the mountains in between both, were navy blue and eventually it got darker and darker. There were also these little birds that were flying around in circles and chirping. The scene was just gorgeous. At this stage I just had to go, as I was starving. I went to Cafe Arbor again and had the most delicious spaghetti. After all of that, I happily went back to the pension after a fulfilling day.