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This was my last day in Bled, unfortunately. Yesterday, Frank and Margaret left. They were sitting outside yesterday waiting for a while before Dietmar brought them to the airport. It was glorious weather again, luckily. Dietmar had to empty his car before he brought Frank and Margaret to the airport and Tatjana, (Dietmar’s wife) and us were having a laugh about Dietmar making room in the back, so he could pick up ten women on the way back from the airport! We said our goodbyes and off they went.

Well I’d packed my stuff and still had a bit of time before I had to leave for the airport at 4pm. So I grabbed food at the supermarket and just went down to the lake for one last look. I knew I’d miss the place. It was a great holiday, I really enjoyed it. It was food for the soul, such a beautiful place and that was only one little spot that I discovered in Slovenia. I’m sure the rest of it is lovely too. I would definitely come back here though, if I had the chance. The people in the Pension Mayer were great: Dietmar, David, Tatjana. Even when I hadn’t booked a table in the restaurant for dinner, they’d still fit me in as soon as possible. The food there, both breakfasts and dinners were great. Not to mention my room, I was really pleased with that. I also saw a shooting star from my skylight window on Tuesday night, only the second one I’ve ever seen. The first one was in New Zealand in 2005 at Kaikoura. It’s also a great place to meet other travelers and locals alike. I had a craving to go to the mountains and that craving was satisfied by the beauty of the Slovenian mountains and the Julian Alps.

If you’re ever thinking of going to Slovenia, I would definitely recommend Lake Bled. Even though I was there in between seasons, I’ve heard that both in the summertime and also in the winter, during the skiing season, it’s a hive of activity. Pension Mayer is also highly recommended, with their excellent restaurant and extremely high level of service and helpful, friendly staff/owners. I’d love to come back here someday. Maybe I will.