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(My Mission To Find A Job In NZ & Get A Work Visa)

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it that I only have five days to go before I Government Gardens, Rotorualeave for New Zealand. Six weeks ago I thought to myself “I’ve got loads of time” but the time somehow just creeps up on you without you realising it.

Over the last week or so I’ve been packing boxes and putting personal stuff away. Now I’ve got bare walls and it feels strange but good all the same. I feel like I’m doing the right thing, whether it works out for me or not.

I’m so feckin’ tired though that I can’t even think straight. Over the last three weeks I’ve not been sleeping well at all. It’s partly due to nerves and partly due to working night time shifts. My body has now gotten into the habit of waking up after six hours every night and I can’t get back to sleep afterwards. Drink doesn’t help either. Any more than two drinks seems to keep me awake rather than put me to sleep. I tried sleeping tablets years ago and I was more zombied after I took them than before, so I don’t want to go down that road again. Jesus, I just need Post box in Nelson, New Zealandsomeone to hit me over the head with a mallot and knock me out!  I have booked a massage for Monday and my last yoga class is on Monday night too so I’m hoping those will help me sleep. I’ll be fine once I get over there and get settled into a routine again. Underneath it all is the excitement of going there and facing the challenges of getting work, meeting new people, volunteering etc.

I’ve had a lot of help and support from friends here in Amsterdam. They’ve been great and I’ll miss them. I know I can keep in contact with people on facebook but it’s never the same as seeing them in person and getting a hug. I’m hoping that I’ll get a long term work visa which will eventually lead on to a residency permit. That’s the aim anyway. We’ll see how it all works out.

I’m going to do my best to keep the blog posts coming every week and put them on facebook to keep people updated. So keep an eye out for them there.

I fly at 15.30pm on Wednesday to Dubai, then on to Singapore for an overnight stop there. After that I head to Melbourne, change planes and go on to Wellington. I arrive in the “shaky isles” on Saturday 7th September.