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I’d heard that Dean Village was a lovely, little place, hidden away in an unknown spot in Edinburgh city. Well it was a real gem. Talk about an unexpected surprise! I was blessed with the weather the day I decided to venture out there. It couldn’t have been better, with blue skies and a warm sun on my face.

It took me twenty minutes to walk from Haymarket station to the village. I had arranged beforehand, to meet up with a friend of mine who lives there, for a coffee. The main reason why I wanted to go there was to do a small stretch of the Water of Leith Walk which runs through Dean Village and on to Stockbridge. I got lost a bit on the way but found my way eventually down Bells Brae, which takes you directly into the village.

Well it was like stepping back into another era in time! I love old towns, with cobblestoned streets, old stone buildings and narrow pathways. This is exactly what Dean Village is like. The stone buildings there emanate an air of ancient times and its quietness makes it feel even more ‘olde worldey’. There were three roads I could take from here – Hawthornebank Lane to the left, or cross over the bridge, with the roar of the river in my ears, or take the path to the right, which followed the river on to Stockbridge. I decided to cross over the bridge and explore a bit more of the village itself.

I wandered off to the left and walked into Wells Court which was commissioned to be built in 1884 to provide housing for the village workers. This courtyard especially, made me feel like I was stepping back in time. The washing line was full of clothes and all the buildings in this square are made of stone. In the far corner of the courtyard is a big clock tower which was the local community hall. There are people living here, with stone steps leading up and down to various flats. I would love to see what these flats are like inside. I think it would be really cool to live in an old courtyard like this, in a modern house.

On the other side of the courtyard, by the clock tower, is a path leading to the bridge which crosses the river. So I walked over the bridge and stopped to take some photos. This is a lovely spot, with the fast flowing river running through the village and on around the bend, with a variety of modern, old timber houses and red sandstone buildings scattered along either side of the river bank. Luckily there weren’t too many people about. And luckily you can’t get a tour bus down here either! I like it when it’s quiet, without hordes of people traipsing around the place.