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30/7/2015 A lot has happened since I left New Zealand over two months ago and it’s high time that I filled everyone in on what I’ve been doing. I’ll just quickly say that I’ve moved to Edinburgh and am trying to get myself sorted out here with finding a job, opening bank accounts, registering with… Read more »

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17/5/2013 I’ve been to a few speed dating events here in Amsterdam. Most of the companies who organise them have their own rules and guidelines but one of the rules of a blind date which I went on recently, made me smile. It brought a grin to my face because it’s such an unusual thing,… Read more »

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15/1/2012 I had been waiting with baited breath for the last two years, to go back to New Zealand but only really started planning my trip in August this year. After a variety of circumstances, mostly work related, I decided to check out flights and finally booked my flight in August. Now I wanted to… Read more »