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I was dozing away in bed this morning but at 7am, I was promptly woken up out of myOne of the views of Auckland from hostel bedroom reverie by quite a strong earthquake. It didn’t last for long actually but it was the strongest I’d felt so far. It felt like someone had the taken the house by it’s gables and shook it roughly for a few seconds, as if to say “wake up you sleepyheads”! For me it was exciting because it’s a novelty to experience. Wellington doesn’t get earthquakes regularly, so it was unusual for them to have one.

Bev drove Gabby and I to Wellington airport. I thanked Bev and gave her a hug, She and Papa Tipua were very good to me. I asked Air New Zealand’s customer service desk to see if I could change my flight to an hour earlier because Gabby and I thought it would be good to travel together but because I had a GrabaSeat fare, it wasn’t possible change it. Never mind. Gabby said she’d just wait for me at baggage reclaim in Auckland airport. She wanted to make sure that I got to my backpackers.

There is an airport express bus that takes you into the city. It leaves the airport and city every ten minutes and a one way fare costs 16 NZD. We didn’t have to wait too long for the bus and both Gabby and I got off at stop 3, right outside the Base Backpackers on Queen Street. Gabby was meeting up with a friend of hers at 4pm and was staying overnight. So she walked me to the door of the backpackers, which was very good of her. We said our goodbyes and I checked in.

View of Queenstreet, Auckland, from hostel bedroomThe hostel was on the third level of the building, which has ten floors. I paid 75 NZD for one night, which was expensive but I think I’d rather pay that, than pay less and stay in a crappy hostel, which I did the last time I was in Auckland. The hostel was very clean, well organised and my room was on the tenth floor, with quite a nice view of the city. I was just spending one night in Auckland, so I didn’t mind staying here and in such a good central location.

I wanted to see the Weta Cave shop, in the basement of Sky City, which was only five minutes walk from the hostel. As soon as you go in the door, there is a big statue of Neytiri, the female character in Avatar and of a Black Wraith on a horse, from Lord of The Rings. It’s a small shop but I like it. There were also statues of Tin Tin and snowy and Captain Haddock. I’m a huge fan of Weta Workshop and think they’re genius at what they do.

I had something to eat in a Chinese restaurant later that evening and had a quick walk around the area. It was quite busy as it was a Friday night. I was going to be up very early the next morning, so I didn’t stay out too late.